X’s final thoughts on SFF2011

All of us here at Sundanceexperince are now home or on the way home. I’m at my boarding gate waiting to take off. Some quick thoughts before I depart.

Yesterday I caught three award winners.

Happy Happy
Another Happy Day

More thoughts on those three in a later post. We had our annual fest wrap dinner at Grubsteak.

I thought the overall quality of films was better this year, compared to last. At the same time there was no top film like Winter’s Bone from last year. There were a few that were either so good or so bad I want to write full reviews for the later this week.

Our accommodations, booked through ResortQuest, were great. Located on Empire it was near a venue (Library) and theater bus stop, so that made shuttle bus transit easier.

Overall there was quite a crowd during the festival, but I was only denied one wait list to Like Crazy. I also bailed on one film that I had a ticket, which was Homework. As I mentioned earlier, there was no need to make our dislike of the film unanimous as everyone else here at SXP didn’t like it.

Well it sounds like they are calling my number, so until next time…

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  1. Kathrin says:

    Thank you for spending some time to explain the terminlogy towards the newcomers!

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