X on the best of SFIFF54 so far

The San Francisco International Film Festival closes tomorrow and I’ve seen seven films. Of those seven, the breakdown is five documentary and two narrative films.

The Whistleblower

The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu
Cinema Komunisto
The Green Wave
The Last Buffalo Hunt
The Pipe

The best of those were probably Cinema Komunisto and Incendies. The former was a love letter to Yugoslavian cinema, that stitched together both the history of film in that former country and the history of the country itself. The love of both film and the country is evident from the beginning of the film through the end of the credits.

Incendies, adapted from a play, is a gripping account of the circular legacy of hatred punctuated with violence as a family tries to keep a promise. Incendies won multiple Genie awards and was nominated for an Academy award (Best Foreign Language Film).

I still have three move films to see before the festival ends tomorrow.
American Teacher
The Place in Between

–Reviewer X

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