Safety Not Guaranteed…

After being disappointed at Sundance 2012 with the John Krasinski film, Nobody Walks, I was happily surprised with the Mark Duplass film, Safety Not Guaranteed.Based upon a real personal ad that said “Guy seeking partner for time travel…” this film is a combination of comedy (Aubrey Plaza brings her usual dry, cynical presence to the role), romance and sci fi adventure. Can this guy actually time travel? Will she go with him?

Jake Johnson (of TV’s New Girl fame) brings the fun as a magazine writer who brings two interns (Karan Soni is the other intern with Plaza) along to flesh out a story about a weirdo who has placed a personal ad. While the two interns flesh out the story, he’s actually on a vacation trying to stalk a woman he dated years ago and has continued to think about over the years.

This film is about “righting old mistakes” whether by time travel or by revisiting past relationships.

Oh, did I mention that Mark Duplass rocks a mullet?? He does.

Favorite quote: “Stormtroopers were blue collar workers.”

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