Snow, snow, snow!

Arrived safely today and there is snow everywhere — and it is still coming down!

Spent our first day as we always do: picked up our tickets at Gateway, went shopping at the Film Festival store, grabbed some groceries at Fresh Market and settled in at the condo to watch some Law & Order before the film frenzy begins tomorrow.

Condo is really nice – really too much room for just the two of us. It’s a 2 Bdm / 2 Ba and James has almost killed himself walking down from the bedroom in the loft. Sigh.

We don’t have any tickets for tomorrow’s films, but we’re going to try to Waitlist two or three films. I’ll let you know how things go!

Oh, by the way…at Gateway, I saw Nolan Gould of Modern Family!

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2 Responses to Snow, snow, snow!

  1. I thought it was fine if it had just hit the ground. My sister was enjoying some snow the other day and my grandpa said not to eat it because there was “too much pollution in the air”. Is it true that pollution can catch all those tiny snowflakes and make snow toxic to eat?

    • admin says:

      I recommend avoiding snow once it is on the ground unless you are making snow angels or stomping around and playing in it. 😉

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