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Jenn has been attending the film festival for 10+ years. Each year the festival gets larger and more crowded and she wonders why she keeps coming back…until she lands in SLC and sees the snow and gets caught up in the energy all over again. Hope you enjoy our reviews and updates!

Reviewer X
As of 2011, Reviewer X is on his 9th consecutive year attending the festival.  His focus is usually on documentary, foreign, or any film that is rarely available elsewhere.   He once saw six screenings in one day and is still alive to tell the tale.

A San Francisco Bay Area native, when not watching films, he spends time trolling the Internet.

Zcineaste went to her first Sundance Film Festival in 2005 and has been Sundancing ever since. That year, she had the good fortune of standing in a waitlist line with Admin who introduced her to Reviewer X and the rest is history. Known to watch any film, she has a penchant for World Cinema and really enjoys seeing films before they are widely screened so that she can form her own opinion about what shes seen.

A Canadian living just outside of NYC, Z belongs to five film clubs and when she’s not reading, in a movie theater, watching a film or making one, she’s encouraging her teens to do the same.

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